Organic chemicals and nothing but the best for your baby

parenting February 8, 2013

Nearly everything these days comes in an organic version. Apples, mattresses, diapers. The price also goes up considerably on these items. I decided to write a quick post about this because I encounter it daily and it is hard to know whether the benefits are worth the price. Here is my take: We simply do not know what effects the multitude of chemicals in daily use may have on our bodies. Our society is producing massive amounts of new chemicals every day. They may be innovative and make our lives easier, but there are a lot of unknowns. The history books, and legal books, are filled with man-made substances that were created to better our lives, but turned out to be dangerous. The case law about lead paint is heartbreaking. Cigarettes also come to mind. These are old examples, but we are producing so much, so fast, that is hard to stay on top of them. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors which one study has linked to obesity. New York Times. Will your pleasantly plump baby turn into an unpleasantly plump adult unless you shell out the extra money for a phthalate free mattress? It’s uncertain. My policy is then to avoid what I can because we already know a decent amount about the safety of things produced by good old Mother Nature. When it comes to the safety and health of my child, I’d rather not gamble on unknowns. I am not trying to vilify the producers of all of these wonderful products, I just don’t implicitly trust capitalism or the Federal Government to leave every stone unturned with regard to public safety. As an over-protective first time mother, every stone is important and I do not have the time to research everything myself. So yes, I go organic when I can.

Here’s a new article on the toxic substances act:


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