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Uncategorized December 19, 2013

Fair forewarning: I’m in a mood. This whole Duck Dynasty business has raised my ire. Apparently, this main Duck Dynasty star said some stuff about homosexuals being sinners, and how he doesn’t get the appeal of an anus. (Among other things, some pretty astounding racial comments as well). A friend on Facebook, posted her support of Phil whoever he is for being honest and sincere with his beliefs. I pointed out that being honest isn’t the end all be all of virtue when what you are being honest about is asshattery. I said it in nicer, more diplomatic terms. We have been going back and forth now for quite sometime about the whole thing. Me saying, don’t be assholes and judge other people. Her saying, don’t judge me because I am a Christian. Oi Veh. This drives me nuts. God is love. Jesus is all about forgiveness and NOT about you getting to sit in judgment of your fellow man. I read it. In the bible. So live and let live, love and let love. Let the gays do what they want, it’s not up to you. If you are right and homosexuality is an abomination, then God will take care of business for you. Aren’t you supposed to have faith in Him? I have no problem with Christianity, or Jesus. He was great. I have a problem with you, and what you are saying in the name of Christianity. Give to the poor. Turn the other cheek. Judge not, lest you be judged by your own standards. Remember the bit about stoning the harlot and throwing the first stone, only if you yourself have not sinned? Don’t make me say these things. Don’t sit back and tell me you are being persecuted for you beliefs when your beliefs are to persecute others. The motes and beams are in your eyes and mine, I am calling out the beam in yours without claiming to be a follower of Christ, only a great admirer.

PS: I am not speaking to all of Christianity, that would be crazy talk, to condemn a group so large based one uniting characteristic. I am speaking to my a few friends. I am speaking to certain right wing conservative loud mouths in the media. I am speaking to the madness that has this country divided in half. Go be a christian nation then! One that does not take care of it’s poor. One that doesn’t welcome it’s Mexican christian brothers and sisters. One that condemns love unless it fits a certain standard. One that allows the powerful to climb to greater heights of power on the backs of the weak and calls that virtue. One that doesn’t have a black president. One in which women get to be incubators for the God fearing state. Fear and greed and hate have no business speaking in God’s name. God doesn’t need my help, but this is just starting to make me crazy! Oh, and don’t assume that I don’t believe in God because I believe you are a dick. You are not God and you do not speak for him.

One more minor thing, A&E is not a government entity and therefore not infringing on free speech. So say whatever you want, and with some exceptions you will not be prosecuted. By law. By the government. Do not expect the first amendment to protect you from any and all consequences of saying small minded and bigoted things. It won’t. People may get angry with you, you may be fired. Neither Christianity nor the constitution will shield you from the fact that you are an asshat. Sing your beliefs at the top of your lungs, but when they are cruel and prejudiced, expect reactions.

Here is a kinder, gentler, more christian blog post of some of the hypocrisy I was ranting against above:

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