Flowering perennial herbs for beauty and function

gardening, Uncategorized May 10, 2014

My shipment of seeds has arrived. I have carefully laid out the packs, labeled my markers, and I am waiting for a couple of hours to get some starts going. (This can be challenging with my small toddler companion). I have chosen a number of perennial herbs to interplant with my veggies (see post ‘herbal companions), as well as to use for flower beds. A number of them are also very attractive to pollinators, I have to do my part, and many are drought tolerant as well. I have steered a little away from native species, though not completely. The idea is to create planting communities that serve multiple purposes, will survive without coddling in the harsh environment, and of course be beautiful.

Our greenhouse is nearly complete, and I am planning to do pretty large quantities of these seedlings- both because I have a lot of planting to do on our property and because I am curious to see if I’ll be able to provide starts for our landscaping clients.

Below is a list of my picks along with pictures. I hope to eventually add in plant heights and spacing as well as potential companions, but this is just the beginning to provide fodder for the imagination which is so very important when planting by seed.

(All photos from Pinterest, I will be taking my own as the season progresses)



Salvia officinalis (garden sage)


Daucus carota (queen anne’s lace)


Borago officinalis (borage)


Hyssop officinalis


Solidago canandensis (Goldenrod)


Centranthus ruber (Jupiter’s beard)


Sideritis syriaca (Greek mountain tea)


Anthemis tinctoria (chamomile)


Asclepias Speciosa (showy milkweed)


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