gardening, Uncategorized May 22, 2014


I just have to express my pure elation at having a long held dream come true. I was about 11 when I planted my first pea plant and it was then that I started sending out for mail order seed catalogs. We had a sunroom attached to our home and I enjoyed a brief time of growing and planting and perusing as a child before we moved to the city. It was years until I had a garden again, not until college in Washington state where gardening was so very different. I watered four foot high lavender bushes and marveled at the zeal with which seedlings grew in the moist soil. It was again, a brief time and it would be another 4 or 5 years after that before I would have a garden again. The next time it was at our small house on a busy street in the punishing sun of Albuquerque. We cultivated the neglected dusty patch of land and enjoyed a couple summers of vegetables and started really exploring native and drought tolerant plants. It was a joy. Law school, several moves later, and a punishing work schedule meant that our dusty little plot fell once again into neglect.

Now, once again years later, I have just had the supreme pleasure of planting in my own newly built greenhouse. I have been waiting and planning for and dreaming of this perfectly mild evening with a quiet breeze and the sounds of crickets and the trickle of a water fountain for years. It is here and it is beautiful. My almost two year old son scampered around handing us seedlings and watering cans and running after the dogs. I have taught him that seedlings are ‘babies’ and that he has to be gentle with them, so he pets them lightly to demonstrate his understanding. Today was a good day. Here are pictures of the greenhouse on day 1.



We have planted:
Red peppers
Various herbs
Sugar baby watermelons

I also put some arugula in, though I believe it will be too warm before I can get much out of it.

To come: zucchini and cantaloupe and my cucumber seedlings.

We also need to get in some trees around the southern side to provide some summer shade and a wind break. I am also looking to plant some wild plum, New Mexican privet, and piñon to the north to block our view of the road and define a small courtyard filled with perennial herbs. The day dreaming never ceases.

I hope your spring days are bringing sweet breezes and warm sunsets.

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