Month: June 2014

1 month of greenhouse gardening

gardening, Uncategorized June 28, 2014


This is not likely to be of any interest to anyone, unless you happen to be experimenting with greenhouse growing in the height of summer. I am mostly just cataloging my progress for future reference.

It’s been a couple days over a month and our beds are mostly full. I’ve added cucumber, zucchini, scarlet pole beans, a banana tree, and kale. Also a rescued yarrow plant that has been coming back to life rapidly.

Many seeds are in trays including several woody perennials for landscaping. I also have some seeded lettuce, cilantro, basil, more tomatoes and carrots.

We have added fertilizer and microbial supplements and everything seems to be appreciating those efforts, especially since it has gotten quite hot. The strawberries and tomatoes are starting to bear fruit, the zucchini is flowering, and the watermelon is starting to make it’s way up the trellis. The kale is thriving. The peppers are growing surprisingly slow, I figured they would be thriving in the heat. Whereas the arugala plants are quite happy. The cilantro has all bolted and the nasturtium seedlings are struggling. All of the herbs are happy and the marigolds are producing many blooms with our consistent dead heading.

We have also added a couple of aquatic plants to the tank, those are thriving as well. The geraniums are not loving the heat, but have perked up with fertilizer. We have some potted ornamental grasses as well for purely aesthetic purposes. I need to get my hands on a lemon tree.

I have a large grapevine that I am trying to decide where to place. It may just go inside the greenhouse with an arbor or trellis. It is doing quite well outside though.

Outside the greenhouse: the lettuces are providing ample salad greens from their shaded spot under the fruit trees. The arugala and spinach have bolted, I need to seed the beds for the next round. The onions are looking like they are getting close to ready for harvest! The asparagus is doing well with the sunflowers and flax seedlings. The marigolds, nasturtiums, sunflowers, and hollyhocks are all growing with a range of success or lack thereof in various locations. I have also planted a bed of perennial flowers and lots of sweet alyssum. The hops are growing rapidly.

As for landscaping, we just put in three New Mexican privets to screen the future courtyard from the road. There will be some evergreens mixed in with these as well as some large grasses. In the back, the grasses/wildflower meadow is creeping along slowly but surely in the heat and lack of rain. We are also planning on planting some wild plum around the perimeters of our cultivated areas as well as perhaps more juniper or piƱon. All of these should be quite drought tolerant after two to three years.

We are busy busy every day. I am in my third trimester now, so weeding has dropped off and things are looking messy! But, the fresh salads are delightful, and my son ate the first two cherry tomatoes with gusto. I have ordered a cookbook that focuses on herbs so I can take advantage of their success in the greenhouse. I need to do a lot of up-potting of my perennial flowers and continue on with the rest of it. Happy dog days of summer.


Oh, and baby goats.