camping checklist

travel April 16, 2015

more for my reference than anything else, because we are getting ready to pack up and head out for the first time this spring.

<a href="
2015/04/img_3732.jpg”>IMG_3732the Nordisk Alfheim lavvu tent in the backyard, super easy set up, and very spacious

1. Tent- Nordisk Alfheim
2. Tarp for shade- a Kelty Noah’s tarp is basic and does the job
3. Tarp or blanket for ground- sand free multimat because toddlers.

1. Something with flames to warm food- we are using our old backpacking stove for coffee and a volcano grill that we use on our patio
***update, backpacking stove melted (scary) and thanks to REI’s generous return policy, we traded it in for a biolite. No fuel needed, just wood. Feels safer after the last mishap.
2. Cookset- GSI stainless set
3. Shallow bowls and sporks from GSI
4. Cooking utensils, cutting board, spices- spatula, tongs, knife from camp chef
5. Cooler- yeti because it keeps things very cold and is bear proof.
6. Basin – sea to summit sinks are awesome and compact. Plus you can hang them somewhere to collect dirty dishes.
7. Soap -dr. bronners meets all needs
8. Water and water bottles- a berkey go will filter anything from lake water to questionable tap water
9. Double walled stainless steel pint glasses for coffee or beer!
10. Beer
11. Headlamps and candle lantern with citronella candles
12. Fire
13. Aeropress- compact and is widely hailed as producing excellent coffee

1. Sleeping pads or cots or both- the ReI camp bed is bulky but extremely comfortable.
2. Bags or blankets or both- down compresses, is very warm, and will last a very long time if cared for. We are trying a Big Agnes comforter to share instead of buying more bags for kids.
3. Comfortable pillows from home
4. Binkies, blankies, favorite books, sound machine to create home like atmosphere

1. A canoe (I wish)
2. Cards or dominoes
3. Hiking stuff
4. Chairs for sitting around fire- REI’s low lounger is super comfortable, pretty affordable and folds flat. Helinox chairs are surprisingly comfortable, and pack down super small, and easy for kids, but very expensive
5. Bocce ball
6. Fishing rod, we are going with. Tenkara for simplicity and ease of use.

1. Sunblock
2. Bug spray
3. Toiletries
4. Wag bags/ portable toilet- Cleanwaste plus $20 pop up tent for privacy

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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