a year of greenhouse gardening

Uncategorized May 10, 2015

It snowed yesterday, and I am grateful as ever that I have a couple of tomatoes plants, some squash, a leftover winter lettuce, a lemon tree, ridiculously happy perennial herbs and a grapevine with grapes on the vine. We have had the dome built for almost a year. It still isn’t up to its full potential, but I give myself a break on that because I did have a baby. It remains a pleasure and a challenge. We installed some drip irrigation and built beds around the perimeter to plant with mint and sunflowers and hops on the south side for shade.

Anyway, now that spring has fully sprung (sort of), we have the happily conflicting desires to spend the free days gardening and or adventuring. So I am partially grateful our weekend camping trip got interrupted by snow, because now my husband can make good on his Mother’s Day promise to plant me a tree. The boys and I will wander in and out of the greenhouse while he digs and we will still spend the day outside, just as cultivators rather than visitors. Happy Mother’s Day.

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