destination: carson national forest

Camping, Outdoors, travel August 16, 2015

We just returned from a pleasant camping trip in the Carson National Forest with some dear friends. This was just another reminder about how truly wonderful it is to be in good company and beautiful surroundings. The smiles on childrens’ faces, the stars, the river, the one too many glasses of wine, the quiet campfire conversation. Thank you and more please.  Putting up a temporary shelter makes partners appreciate each other. Working as a group allows people to be considerate of one another, to be generous of spirit and time.  The tasks are simple. Provide food and shelter. Enjoy the company and surroundings

This site was particularly lovely. Just 2.5 miles down a forest service road (pretty rough), and 30 minutes from town.  The sites were generous, very widely spaced, and all riverside. Free and primitive, most were occupied by large groups of hunters with ATVs and hound dogs. We didn’t hear a human sound at all during our stay. Just the river running and the dog rustling through the bushes.  I can’t wait to return to ‘the land of many uses’. 

‘As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.’ -Thoreau

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