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feminism, or the ‘f word’

Uncategorized January 5, 2014

Sometimes, I am lucky enough to forget that being a woman comes with some struggles that men don’t have. Other times I feel that feminism has become a bad word and that I shouldn’t talk about such issues, lest I be labeled whiny. Sometimes I have been stunned by flat out prejudice, consider the following anecdote: I was a waitress talking with my bartender about law school classes. A patron joined in and asked ‘oh so your going to cosmetology school?’ What?! I told him no, law school. He responds ‘oh, so you’re going to be a paralegal?’ I corrected him again and told him I was going to be a lawyer, then ran off to deliver cocktails.

Still more instances come up where I see men of my generation feeling victimized because women are still struggling to put things into balance. Court systems and child custody and domestic violence issues are particularly hot topics. Yes, the courts sometimes wrongly lean towards the favor of females, but that is an over correction resulting from an attempt to make things right after all of human history favoring males. All of it.

Thank you to Jamie Kilstein for making this video!

Jamie Kilstein on feminism