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lifestyle, parenting, Uncategorized December 9, 2014


I sing my boys to sleep every night. The little one lights up when he hears a song, and the older one is starting to sing along. This holiday season I’ll try to remember the real gifts we give, and this one is a love of music. Here are my favorites.

The Book of Love, Magnetic Fields
– so simple, I have long loved this song

Stewball, Perer Paul and Mary
– my late stepmother used to sing this, it makes me feel like I am giving them something of her

The Parting Glass, old Irish song
– my dad introduced me to it through the Wailing Jennys version

Turn Around, as sung by Nanci Griffith
– can’t not cry while singing this to a newborn

Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby, Emmylou Harris, Alison Kraus, Gilliam Welch.
– what a round up

Where Have All the Flowers Gone, as sung by Peter, Paul and Mary
– my little one likes the high notes

Boots of Spanish Leather, Bob Dylan
– I have just always loved this song and so my kids must as well

This Land is Your Land, Woodie Guthrie
– because my dad used to sing it and all I want to do is go road trip/camping with these little guys.

500 Miles, Rosanne Cash put this on an album called The List, based off a list of songs that her dad compiled as the most important songs in American music. Who am I to argue with Johnny Cash?

Happy Holidays.